jQuery validationEngine Not Work with Bootstrap Select plugin

When bootstrap-select creates a cloned element, it uses an addClass call that copies the validate[.*] class into the new div element, and validationEngine tries to validate that.

I got a solution without modifying the core js file. For this we need to use validationEngine
“prettySelect”,”usePrefix” options, and we need to add “id” to cloned element and also need to removed the “validate[required]” class from this element. The full code look likes this.

It works for me. DEMO HERE : http://www.scriptlodge.com/code_demos/validationEngine/

How To Reset Admin Password in Magento ?

In this blog, I am showing how you can reset magento admin password if you lost it and cannot recover using Forgot Password option. I assume that you have the server access of magento i.e Database and FTP access.

For this you have to create a file named reseradminpass.php and paste the bellow code into this file and upload it in your magento root directory.

Here the variable $_HASH_SALT_LENGTH is for salting the password (set 32 for magento1.8 and magento1.9 and set 2 if your magento var is 1.7 or earlier).
Now browse the file as www.yourwebsite.com/reseradminpass.php. Hence, you can see the new password. So, copy it and replace the password field in “admin_user” table.

And that’s it, now you are able to login from admin using by this given password.