How To Reset Admin Password in Magento ?

In this blog, I am showing how you can reset magento admin password if you lost it and cannot recover using Forgot Password option. I assume that you have the server access of magento i.e Database and FTP access.

For this you have to create a file named reseradminpass.php and paste the bellow code into this file and upload it in your magento root directory.

Here the variable $_HASH_SALT_LENGTH is for salting the password (set 32 for magento1.8 and magento1.9 and set 2 if your magento var is 1.7 or earlier).
Now browse the file as Hence, you can see the new password. So, copy it and replace the password field in “admin_user” table.

And that’s it, now you are able to login from admin using by this given password.

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